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Helping Local Entrepreneurs with Kansas City Leader Dan Smith

Dan Smith, co-founder of Porter House KC, discusses the mission of his organization to support entrepreneurs in the urban core of Kansas City. They offer small business development programs, mentoring, and soon-to-be-opening retail-based incubator….

sarah hill

Mental Healing Through VR with Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill, CEO of Healium, discusses the creation of immersive media experiences to calm the mind. She shares her journey from being a journalist to starting a technology company and explains how Healium uses…

lindsey rood-clifford

The Importance of the Arts with Lindsey Rood-Clifford

Lindsey Rood-Clifford, the president and CEO of the Starlight Theater, discusses her role in stewarding the legacy of the theater and the importance of arts education. She shares the upcoming changes at Starlight, including…

Building Community Through Art with Jose Faus

This episode was recorded on February 15th, 2024.
We are so excited to be kicking off Season 2 of KC Leaders Podcast with the inspiring and talented Latinx Muralist and Artist, Jose Faus. Jose holds…

Starting More Than You Finish with KC Leader Becky Blades

Are you holding yourself back? This week Ginny talks with stARTist and published author, Becky Blades. The two discuss the mental barriers preventing people from being creative, incredible motherly advice, and just doing that…

Kansas City Leader Dan Savino Talks About the AI Revolution

Ready to talk about AI? David and AI expert, Dan Savino sit down to talk about what the AI revolution means for jobs, how AI is helping people, and the future of tech in…

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